Celebrate the accomplishments of the blind and visually impaired!

2023 T-Shirt

2023 T-Shirt

Available at the White Cane Day T-Shirt Booth on

October 18th at the TSBVI campus

Online Ordering is Closed

2023: T-shirt color is Vintage Red with Black and White ink

About the Artwork

Artwork is inspired by Masha of Leander, TX. Masha is a current customer at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) for the Blind

“My ultimate goal is to advance accessibility features within various digital platforms.” ~Masha

Front: Starting from the top moving downward. A white shield with black outlines. On the top portion of the shield is a profile of a German Shepherd dog guide in harness. Below is a thick black section of the shield with the phrase in white ink WHITE CANE DAY 2023 across 2 lines. At the bottom tip of the shield is a black Crown. Extending before and after the bottom of the shield is a black ribbon with a white outline, it reads in white on the left WE CANE, on the right WE SAW, in the center WE CONQUERED.

Crossing behind the shield are 2 white canes with black handles and loops. Extending from the top and bottom of the shield are bursting light rays in white.

Back: Top center of the shirt is a thin horizontal black line with a small black crown with light rays bursting from the top.


The same phrase is written in black puffed Braille.

Below in white is Blind Americans Equality Day and the same phrase in black puffed Braille.

For many, these T-shirts have become a proud part of their wardrobes.

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