You know you want one, you’ve just got to have one, it’s only what the coolest dog guides and their people are wearing… Of course it’s the 2019 White Cane Day T-Shirt and they are selling…like….well…T-Shirts! This years design was created by 2 local artists, one of whom is a student at TSBVI.


Description of the 2019 T-Shirt:

This year’s T-Shirt is Athletic (Sports) gray. On the front are the words White Cane Day in white outlined in black. Below that is an outlined Capitol building with a dome and a statue on top of the dome. Far in front of the capitol building there is a crowd of drawn people in the center is a tall man in a white drum major outfit, red boots and a black hat (dressed to look like a cane) with a dog guide in harness sitting next to him, to the left and behind is a woman with long hair wearing a red dress with a support cane, next to her are several other people holding canes in the air and a person in a white wheelchair.  To the right and behind the tall man is a man holding up a flag with a white star on a grey field with a white and red stripe with a cane, there is a man in a red shirt with a cane, a woman holding up a cell phone with a gentleman standing in front with crutches.

Below the crowd in white outlined in black is 2019 with the word BELIEVE below it.


On the back are the words I AM WHAT I CHOOSE TO BECOME shown in puffed Braille. Below that are Black silhouettes of people on the move (moving right to left): gentleman walking with his dog guide in harness, a mother walking with a white cane holding a young girls hand, a little boy walking with a white cane and a girl wearing a backpack walking with white cane following behind. In the back are people riding a tandem bicycle. Below

Ready to work … Ready to contribute. in puffed Braille.



This year’s T-Shirt is only $10 and can be ordered from HERE! We have limited quantities and they are going fast, so don’t miss out

You will register to order the t-shirts and then send in payment with the order confirmation cash, check, or money orders ONLY.  Once you fill out the form,  on our end we will have an immediate registration of your order and will have a status of pending payment in our system. Once your payment is received you will no longer be pending in the system.   Payment and the copy of your confirmation is due Before your shirt can be mailed or picked up.


ORDER yours today. 


Every year a local artist designs a unique T-shirt to capture the spirit of White Cane Day. You can see some of these previous designs on our T-Shirt Gallery.